Scope: Historical-Cultural, Environmental and Landscape.
Type: Small Route, Rural Paths - Circular

Slopes: Slightly Accentuated; Accumulated 60 m
Maximum altitude: 175 m
Difficulty Level: Easy


Season: All Year

Maximum cumulative distance 9 km
Maximum cumulative time 8 hours



  • Course: Circular. The pedestrian route begins and ends at Salgado Park in the village of Famalicão, about 7 km south of Nazaré and north of São Martinho do Porto. The route crosses the hillside of the Serra da Pescaria  fishing village, facing the source and the valley of the agricultural fields of Cela Nova, through paths between pine forest and lush native vegetation, panoramic panoramas of breathtaking landscapes are discovered.




  • Course: Circular. The pedestrian route starts and ends at the parking lot in front of the Dinosaur Route in the village of Famalicão, about 7 km south of Nazaré and north of São Martinho do Porto. The course runs along the hillside of the Serra da Caparica, facing the east, along rural roads, up to the Atlantic Road that crowns and runs through the mountain range towards Nazaré, in a tarred and flat course with a panoramic view of the sea and Salgado beach to the west and the Sierra de Aire and Candeeiros to the source, truly stunning.



  • Course: Circular. The pedestrian route begins and ends next to the Recreation Association of Serra da Pescaria, Famalicão, about 7 km south of Nazaré and north of São Martinho do Porto. The course runs along the hillside of the Serra da Pescaria, facing the west and the sea, along paths along the seafront between dunes and through mountain paths between pine forests and lush native vegetation, panoramic views of breathtaking landscapes are discovered.



     Certifications - NZR PR2

  • Course: Circular. Description and Grounds of Interest
    The route crosses the east and west slopes of the Serra da Pescaria, parish of Famalicão, Nazaré County. It has its beginning in Largo de Famalicão Church, exiting the Rua Prof. Adriano R.Barbosa, at the end of which you turn right towards the Cortezinhas. After two nuclei of old windmills, one to the left and one to the right, you continue along traditional paths, heading north. This road will connect an asphalted road that must be traveled for a hundred meters, then take to the left, the old roads that lead to the road of Cumeada da Serra. Now you can see the blue mirror of the Atlantic in the background, sprawling on the immense beach of Salgado Beach. Then, following the road to the north, you will find a house on the right side, after which you take the road that goes up to an old mill on the top. Before reaching the mill, about 70 meters from this, take the road north, which runs along the western side of Serra da Pescaria, along the level curve, not going up or down significantly, allowing you to enjoy a very beautiful landscape which has as scenery the sea, the beach and the dunes. The foothills of the mountains are fertile, since they are protected from the sands and sea winds by the beautiful plant and tree cover of the dune cord. In the mountain range, where the road passes, the dense vegetation rarely reaches a meter and a half in height, being, nevertheless, very rich in species characteristic of the Mediterranean flora. However, we come to the path of Casal do Morgado. Turn now to the right and cross the trail to the asphalt road that leads to the left, to the place of Serra da Pescaria de Baixo. After this place, at the elbow dop way, continue until you reach the Cumeada road, where you turn right. Immediately before the antenna, take a path to the left and then another, to the right. This is an old path leading towards Famalicão and descending gently. After passing the vestiges of a fountain and a wash-house, in a place where the path is flanked by high slopes, a bifurcation appears. The path to the right leads, about 500 meters ahead, to an old stone wall where you can see 2 tracks of tracks of dinosaurs. The left path continues to Famalicão. After about 100 meters of said fork there is a small path, along a water line, that leads to a broader one, and that follows by the level curve, passing just above Casais de Baixo. You continue through it and you will quickly reach Famalicão, where you first enter Panões Street and then Padre Manuel Dias Pereira Street, ending at Largo da Igreja where you started.

    Certifications - NZR PR2
    This course is certified by the Camping and Mountaineering Federation of Portugal.



Course Characteristics
Name Between Earth and Sea
Circular typology, with a small round trip
Distance 11.2 km, including branch
Approximate duration 3: 30h to 4: 30H
Type of floor Rural, forest and urban roads
Degree of difficulty low
Place of Departure Headquarters of Famalicão (Nazaré)
Place of Arrival Mother Church of Famalicão (Nazaré)

Certifications - NZR PR1

Description and Grounds of Interest
The route begins at the site, on the border of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazareth, from here to the Fort of S. Miguel Archangel, where the lighthouse was installed in the beginning of the 20th century, and where it is reached by a rail along of the promontory cliffs and rich and interesting geological formation. Arriving at the Fort, one descends by a rail and then by a rudimentary staircase to the North beach. Continue north along the edge of the sand to a wide and well defined path. At the curve, where this path inflects to the right, towards the water park, it continues, in front, by a trail between the vegetation dunar, from which stands out the camarinha by its originality. After about 70 meters, this trail leads to the interior of the pine forest of the House of Our Lady of Nazareth. By windmills and sandy paths, one arrives at the southern tip of the wind farm near the tower nº6, with its long blades rolling incessantly. Walk east now, until the asphalt road, which crosses, continuing along the stream for another 380 meters, until another one appears in the South / North direction. You cross this, taking a forest path, to the right, which leads to the south end of the camping park. After 230 meters along this, it crosses the same one, being followed now a forestry way in the Sudoeste direction. About 200 meters further on, you will find a wide path through the forest. Follow this path until you find an energy source through which a high voltage line passes. It crosses in the South direction, taking a forest path that, descending gently, leads to the curve of an asphalted section. Following here, towards the south, you will quickly reach the EN-8-5, which crosses, and you will soon see the Monte S. Bartolomeu or S.Brás. It climbs to the mount by the rail of the left, is 600 meters round trip. From this surprising viewpoint a heap of rocky blocks of volcanic origin lined with a luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation covers everything around: to the north, the immense green cloak of the Pinhal de Leiria; to Northwest, the Site, the Sanctuary and the wind farm; to the south, Serra da Pescaria; to West, the places of the lands of Alcobaça. Descend Monte de S.Brás and take the asphalted road in the South direction. After 100 meters, there is a windmill on the right that leads to Pederneira and Largo da Misericórdia, with its belvedere over Nazaré and the sea. You begin the descent to Nazaré by the street of the Mirante, passing by the Saião, continuing by the street of the Mirante, followed by Largo Coelho da Silva and the Hermitage of Our Lady of the Angels. Cross the garden of the Pedralva, leaving through the West gate, ending at the roundabout, which turns on the left, crossing here the road. It then follows 3 rd September, crossing Mouzinho de Albuquerque Street, to continue down Paz Street until Avenida da República, going along the Marginal to the elevator. With this means of secular transport rises to the place where the course began.


Certifications - NZR PR1
This course is certified by the Camping and Mountaineering Federation of Portugal.



Course Characteristics
Name Route of Miracles of Nazareth
NZR Code PR1
Circular Typology
Distance: 12.28 Km
Approximate duration 4: 00h to 5: 00H
Type of floor Rural, forest and urban roads
Level of difficulty Low to Medium
Place of Departure Nazaré Site, in front of the Sanctuary
Place of Arrival Site of Nazaré, in front of the Sanctuary